Well-Managed Classrooms are a Security Blanket

I have been in several states recently speaking about classroom guidance and management. Having taught classroom management to pre-service teachers for many years, I try to help teachers understand that guidance procedures, like the ones in Conscious Discipline are fantastic and provide a foundation for the feeling and structure of the classroom.

However, I have observed that many teachers also need basic management techniques that help establish procedures in the classroom and build a solid environment. Many of my strategies come from the Center for Social and Emotional Foundations in Early Learning (CSEFEL). I use their pyramid model to help teachers understand the importance of building positive relationships, designing a well-run classroom, and teaching children behaviors that support, not distract from their learning. I even wrote a little booklet that gives basic nuts and bolts called, "Classroom Management should be Easier than Herding Cats."

This picture shows three delightful teachers at an Ohio AEYC event in Parma this past week! They were so engaging and fun and I enjoyed the day!


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