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The Part of Art that's From the Heart

I'm excited that my second booklet is not available! When I do art workshops around the country, I am always asked for additional resources, ideas, and art projects. Hopefully, this book will give people some hands-on ideas for developmentally appropriate art. Like my classroom management book, this one is filled with usable ideas and are easy to access. I have found that teachers do not usually use large content books when they acquire them for their classrooms. My goal with these books is to have something quick, easy, and accessible for the early childhood teacher. While I hope to set up direct purchasing on the website, right now you can get a copy by emailing me at john@funkearlych

The Fingerprint Test

I have always been intrigued with individual fingerprints. The fact that individuals have unique fingerprints is quite a mind-boggling fact, considering there are so many people who live or have lived in the world. Children also have that curious interest about their own fingerprint. I always tried to capitalize on that interest by having them do activities that center around their print. I especially encourage teachers to do those activities now because you can find easy-to-wash stamp pads that make the process a little less messy (not that mess has ever stopped me before). Science and math are easy subjects to use as a format for fingerprinting activities. By fingerprinting activities,

For more information, contact me at: john@funkearlychildhood.com

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