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Language and Literacy with a STEM Focus

I recently presented a workshop at the California AEYC Conference in Ontario, CA. We discussed taking a STEM/STEAM approach when reinforcing language and literacy activities. Some of the fun activities that we discussed were: -Placing letters of the alphabet in sand and having the child find and identify the each letter. -Form the letters of the alphabet out of play dough prior to having them write the letters on a paper. -Use a magnifying glass to find identified letters in a magazine or newspaper. -Write a letter on each small paper cup. Using craft sticks, have the child 'build' a word, creating an engineered tower or building. The answer to making sure the child is supported in ALL sk

Engineering in Early Childhood

I have been around for many years and the education community always grabs on to the latest trend in teaching strategies. The education world has been trying to reinforce support in math and science since Russia launched the Sputnik in the 1950s. Everyone is all about STEM or STEAM education right now. As far as I’m concerned, every school should be a STEAM school. We should always be mindful of every subject domain when working with and supporting young children. As I travel the country right now, many early childhood workshops and conferences want to concentrate on STEM education. I don’t usually mind reinventing the wheel as long as it gets teachers to evaluate their individual settin

It's All About STEM/STEAM

I present workshops around the country routinely and lately, it has been all about STEM (or STEAM for some agencies). STEM is the new trend in educational training, even though, technically, all of our classroom should be STEAM classrooms. I do realize that many teachers need some 'new' ideas or be reminded about old ideas to focus more on the sciences. In this day and age of constant testing, it is essential that we don't forget the hands-on aspect of education, especially for our young learners. I recently presented some workshops at the Michigan Head Start Association conference and I look forward to doing a STEM Language and Literacy workshop at the California AEYC conference next week

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